Monday, January 16, 2012

We need to Save ALL P.E.I. Lighthouses

     Here's a list of lighthouses that currently don not have community organizations to take the over from the Government of Canada before May 29, 2012 at which they will be slated for demolition and replaced with a post and a light.
     Carol Livingstone, President of the P.E.I. Lighthouse Society ( ) sent me this list  from their recent newsletter "The Guiding Light: Prince Edward Island Lighthouse Society" 15th Newsletter Issue 2 Jan. 2012.
Here's a message from Carol Livingstone in her email:
...For those who are not already members of the PEI Lighthouse Society, I would like to invite you to join if you are interested in the preservation and promotion of our lighthouses, the artifacts , the stories, etc.  The member-ship is $35. a year. It entitles the member to two issues annually of the newsletter, a 50 % discount for two people at any of the nine open lighthouses (be sure to show your card!), and an opportunity to have imput into the future direction of these historic buildings Cheques can be made out to the Prince Edward Island Lighthouse Society and mailed to it in care of Carol Livingstone, 4290 Route 14 West Point, PE C0B 1V0.  My phone is  902-959-3117 and I am generous in sharing my knowledge about the lighthouses.
     You will find an up-to-date summary of the Island lighthouses as well as other news including a unique erosion control project at West Point Lighthouse.  We hope it will be successful and can be applied in other places. We love to hear from you and can include your pictures, comments, etc. if you wish.
     For those who are interested in learning more about the divestiture of the lighthouses, I urge you to go to   Click on Heritage Lighthouses of Canada and look up the Petition Process. Remember, the first step is to form a group of 25 adult Canadian to submit a petition to have the lighthouse declared a heritage lighthouse.  I compare it to an adoption process.  The signers do not have to live in the same province as the lighthouse is located. The Coast Guard will still be responsible for the cost of the electricity to operate the navigation light.  It is essential to get the petition in before May 29, 2012.  You can prepare your business plan and do other things after that date.
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  1. I agree that we need a co-ordinated effort to make sure that all of the lighthouses on PEI are taken care of. Especially the non-popular ones.