Friday, January 20, 2012

More P.E.I. United Churches for Sale

     St. James United Church in Souris, part of the Kings Pastoral Charge, along with the Annandale United Church buildings are for sale.
     Here's the listing:
Below/Above: St. James United Church, 14 Hebrews Street, Souris.  Photos cf. Google Images.
     Here's some information about St. James from Waldron Leards Website:
     In 1925, the United Church of Canada was formed. In Souris the Presbyterian and Methodist church members came together. A decision was made to use the larger Presbyterian building as the main church, and to develop the Methodist church as a church hall and community gathering place. Many events were held here, including fundraising teas for the church and the new Souris Hospital, constructed in the mid 1940's. Wedding receptions, anniversary celebrations, graduation banquets were hosted here. St. James Church Sunday School Christmas concerts entertained full houses each year.

     Below: Annandale United Church, located at Annondale Wharf, PEI. Photos cf. Google Images.

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