Tuesday, January 3, 2012

1912 Stanley Bridge School

     I was out by Stanley Bridge yesterday and took this photo of the old 1912 Stanley Bridge Schoolhouse near the intersections of Routes 6; 224 and 254.  The schoolhouse was close to the road with its driveway off Rte. 224 - it was moved back on its Lot in September 2011 to make way for a new street called Schoolhouse Lane which takes you through rolling fields to a new development up in to the back of fields behind - see photos of development below.
Above: the Stanley Bridge Schoolhouse at its new location at the back of its lot sitting on posts - note the new road on the left.
Above: the northwest view of the schoolhouse.  The schoolhouse is unique no the Island as it is a story-and-a-half with dormers that break the eave line.  It has typically banked 6-over-6 windows on the main floor classroom and narrow 4-over-4 windows on the north/front.
Above: the north view / main entrance to the schoolhouse.
Above: the north east view of the schoolhouse.
Above: looking west towards the schoolhouse from Schoolhouse Lane.
Above: looking east on Schoolhouse Lane to the new multi-unit residential development.
Above & Below:  the buildings in the new development which backs on to Andersons Creek Golf Clubhttp://www.andersonscreek.com/index.php
     Through the 1990's and 2000's the Stanley Bridge School was a must visit craft shop who specialized in the sale of local quilts and handcrafts.  With a downturn in the economy and fewer Americans visiting they closed two years ago.  The following is their ad which appeared in the 2007 PEI Visitors Guide.

     The following is from the History of Stanley Bridge by the Stanley Bridge Community Historical Society. 1997.  Page 124.
...The month of April 1911 was a memorable one for the residents of the District as the schoolhouse burned.  The janitor, Henry Atkins, had lit the fire in the early morning and returned home for a short while.  Upon his return, he discovered the school on fire.  Presumably it started in the attic...The District voted $1,000 for the erection of a suitable building, "the size of which would be a two-story building measuring approx. 25'x40', or a little bigger if necessary".  The new school was built by Charles Ramsay of Malpeque - later of Summerside.  It was opened for classroom instruction in January 1912 with two teachers, James (later Cardinal) MacGuigan and Ella Martin both of Hunter River.  Except for the purchase of a new blackboard for $5 in 1916, few changes were made...In 1948 the school was relocated to its present site...The Stanley Bridge School #91 officially closed in June 1976.  It is presently (1997) owned by Georgene Enman of Granville who operates a Craft Shop during the summer months.
cf. Page 114


  1. Was by there before and after they threw in that subdivision. Looked much nicer beforehand. Wonder if it'll be around for much longer. I know it was for sale for a while, but couldn't think of what you'd' do with a building like that in a place that's only economically viable for business three months of the year.

  2. Summer 2014 - it has reopened as a cafe. I have not had a chance to visit yet but it would be great to see a historic property supported.

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