Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kelly's Cross

     I was down to the south shore one day last week - here's a few photos I took as I passed through the Kelly's Cross, a community settled in 1840 by Irish Immigrants who built their first church here in 1848.
Above:  The Parochial House at St. Joseph's Parish, Kelly's Cross.  In 1898 the parishioners commissioned Architect William C. Harris to design a new church along with this house.
Above:  Left, present day St. Joseph's built in 1956.  Right:  St. Joseph's built in 1898, designed by W.C. Harris and destroyed by fire in 1914.  (Images c.f. "A Faith Walk: Diocese of Charlottetown" by Rev. Art O'Shea. )  Our Lady of Fatima mission church on the Green Road belonged to this Parish.
Above:  A small center gable style house, across the road from the Parochial House, has an amazingly detailed gable window and interesting window cap detailing.
Above:  A country store used today as an antique shop - open seasonally during the summer tourism season.
Above: A nicely kept center gable style home with picket fence.
Above:  I always admired this house until the vinyl siding and the patio door were installed.  Note the roofline - this old house would have had a lower pitched roof - the owner would have wanted more space upstairs, so they lifted each side of the roof to a steeper pitch and filled-in the difference at the peak as you can see here - the flat area.  This practice was more commonly done to barns which a few samples still remain on Prince Edward Island.
Above:  Typical Island farmstead - abandoned.
Above:  Over the years I often noticed this house and didn't take much interest in it until now that I see the the vinyl siding removed and the original shingle siding exposed.  I always thought this was the front of the house until I got to the hill on the other side of Kelly's Cross, about a kilometer away, and took the photo below - this is the front of the house, a center gable style similar to the blue house above.


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    1. Interesting pics of old buildings around pei nice work.