Friday, December 21, 2012

Cast Iron Sinks, Doors, Reproduction Furniture, etc.

     I get asked all the time where can a person find old doors, sinks, etc. for home restoration projects.  My brother Kerras is a multi-talented individual in that he's a folk artist; furniture builder and collector of antiques, etc.!  
     At any given time he has about 300 old doors for sale; cast iron sinks and tubs along with alot of antiques.  Be sure to visit his website:;
     Below is a project where one of his cast iron sinks and doors were incorporated into a house renovation.
     Below:  Here are some of his doors.  I never knew there could be so many styles of doors until I saw them in this collection.
Below: Kerras' collection of cast iron sinks.
     Kerras also builds reproduction furniture such as those shown here below.

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