Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas 1973 Thompson House, Sherbrooke

     The following is the cover of the Prince Edward Island "Senior's Scene" December 1992: Heritage '92 magazine.
      "The photo on the cover of this issue is a reflection of the whole concept of Heritage '92.  The photo is of Mrs. John Thomson's home in Sherbrooke, Prince Edward Island taken on the eve of the Centennial of the province joining Canada in 1873.  The home is one hundred and twenty-five years old and depicts the actual life style of Mrs. Thomson.  Heritage '92 is a project that was conceived by Wendell Ellis of Studio Ten, Island Cablevision, Ltd's. Community Channel, to preserve the living heritage of our Island seniors..."  cf. Page 1 Dec/92 issue.
    The above parlour photo was taken in the house of Lulu Thomson which was originally the home of Archibald and Abigail (Jeffery) Burns in Sherbrooke, Prince Edward Island - they died in 1901 and 1913.  
     The following area photos I took of the abandoned House in May 2000.
      Below:  I would say the house was built in two different times as for the unusual combination of architectural styles.  The above and below photo is of the west side.  For some reason I don't have the south elevation which has the main entry.  The right side of the house would have been the later addition - possibly turn of the twentieth-century.
Below: the north/rear side of the house.
     Below:  a photo page of the Burns-Thomson family from, "The Jeffery Family of the Isle of Wight and Prince Edward Island" by Betty Jeffery and Carter Jeffery, 1998.

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