Thursday, January 20, 2011

Farm Aerial Views

This is an aerial photograph of the Abram and Mary Jane (Smith) Jeffery homestead.  The 50-acre farm was settled in the early 1880s.  Located on the Centerline Road (Rte. 151) in Lauretta it featured a typical Island-ell house, large barn and a few outbuildings.  At the time of this photo, taken in the mid 1950s, the farm was owned by my grandparents Louis and Annie Jane (Cannon) Jeffery.  My father Wilbert is standing beside his car looking up at the airplane as this photo was being taken.  A neighbour often commented on how tidy the property was always kept.   The low row of spruce trees behind the barn were planted in 1935 by Louis and Wilbert - Dad being 5-years old.  The garage to the left of the photo was turned into a house in the fall of 1961 shortly after i was born - it had a kitchen and a bedroom - a place for Mom and Dad to call their own.  My grandmother was still living in the old house which was abandoned following her move to Alberton in 1964.  The house was sold to Albert MacInnis in the early 1970s and moved to the Dock Road, Elmsdale West.

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  1. Jeffrey how did they move these houses in the past? Today it's all about the machinery. Thanks. Fran