Monday, January 24, 2011

Heritage Design P.E.I.: Homes Inns & Cottages

For Sale $19.95 plus shipping & taxes.
     We published this book in 1993.  
Preface: The Cavendish Collection of Heritage Designs offers a wide range of home building plans that have been studied and presented with three things in mind: first, to illustrate to the public a collection of the unique architectureal styles and traditions of Prince Edward Island Architecture; second, to create a structure which will be aesthetically pleasing and architecturally correct for its period to the Island; and third, to present these designs in a format of maximum clarity; with sufficient detail to ensure the project is satisfactory implemented.

     The first home illustrated in the book - scroll down this blog to see the actual central sandstone fireplace and chimney of this house.

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  1. Is this book of plans still available to get a copy? If so, how do I get one?