Sunday, January 30, 2011

Historic MacCallum House, Brackley Beach, PEI

MacCallum House.  Photo taken February 24th, 2010
 "The MacCallum house in Brackley Beach was built before the middle of the nineteenth century by two itinerant Scottish masons for Captain James MacCallum, whose father, Duncan immigrated to PEI from Scotland in 1770. "Linden Cottage" underwent a rather drastic renovation in the early 1950s, at which time a kitchen wing was demolished and the rear shed dormer added.  The three frontal shed dormers were built in the 1930s.  There is a feeling the stability and permanence about this house.  The stones have been cut with precision and laid with great skill and care, because the walls are still straight and true.  It stands in a lovely pastoral setting surrounded by linden trees imported from Scotland."
cf. The Historic Houses of Prince Edward Island by H.M. Scott Smith.  Pg. 36.  ISBN 1-55046-024-2
 The linden trees guard over this historic property.
 The following two photos taken March 29, 2010 - what has happened?
 Restoration or Renovation?
 The results - photos taken January 28, 2011
 The lindens remain.
The stream flowing to the mill pond beyond - note the kingfisher on the bridge rail.
 A quintessential Canadian winter scene - pond hockey.


  1. Always loved stone buildings, probably from living in the limestone belt of Ontario once upon a time. Glad to see this place is still around, she's a true beauty on Brackley.

  2. I wonder if this could be my ancestral home. My great-great grandfather was Duncan MacCallum & my great grandfather was James Alexander MacCallum. My grandfather was John Kennison MacCallum all of PEI, Canada.

    1. I believe that I stayed at a home on this property when I was a child.The people who owned it were named Wortman.It was a lovely home with horse barns in back.The hose we rented was a large wood house,painted white at the time.