Friday, January 21, 2011

Restoration Success Story. St. John the Baptist Miscouche, Prince Edward Island

Here's St. John the Baptist Catholic Church following restorations.  Father Albin Arsenault oversaw a six-year restoration of this historic church - from the steeple to the altar.  He took the approach of fixing, repairing, restoring one project at a time and step-by-step with the enthusiasm of his parishioners achieved amazing results.  Amoung their greatest achievements - no debt - all paid for as the process continued!! 

Old Photo of St. John the Baptist Church

Note the textures of the exterior building materials.
The original altar which had been removed/demolished in the 1970s

The New Altar, unveiled on June 28, 2009 - a replica of the original.  I prepared the drawings from old photos and with the amazing skills of craftsmen John Richards and Lionel DesRoches the project was a great success.  
 The restored interior, painted by Cathedral Painters of Nova Scotia.  Looking towards the altar.
 The interior colours were based on themes of St. John the Baptist.
Looking towards the rear of the sanctuary to balcony and organ.


  1. Hi, I found your post when I was looking for information on this church for a post on the Acadian Museum next door. I've put a link in my post to yours. Hope that's ok. Thanks.

  2. Had a co-worker married here a few years ago and she was commenting on how great the work was on this place. While I've never been, I sure agree with her now. That's some labour of love right here, great to see!

  3. I was going through my father's slides of PEI a little while ago, and came across a c1962 photo of this church, but didn't know where it was. Found your photo through Google image search, and now was able to identify its location and name. Thank you.

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