Saturday, February 5, 2011

Arnold's house - more photos

Here's another of my favourite photos - taken of Arnold's house across the farm field.  I was out helping him move sandstones for a rock wall he was building - it was a beautiful late May day a few years ago.  The gold colour of the house makes it stand out again the dark green trees behind and perfectly suites the surrounding landscape.
Earlier I told of the new door Arnold had made by Borden Myers Woodworking in Charlottetown  - it was built to replicate an old door he admired - note the stained glass. 
Arnold's main front door is a small bay vestibule with double narrow doors - they're original to the house.  He had new storm doors to protect the old doors.
A close look at the eave bracketing.


  1. Wow thats' some really nice work. Where is this located in the province?