Monday, February 21, 2011

Steam Powered Woodworking Mill, Knutsford, PEI

This was a Steam Powered Woodworking Mill located on the O'Leary Road in Knutsford.  My grandfather told me about this mill (the site was in ruins) when I was a kid in the early 1970s.  I was always curious about this building my grandfather told me it had been a house hauled here from Duvar by William P. Meggison and converted in to a woodworking/saw mill - he said it was one of three such houses built by the same carpenter (unknown).
Note on Photo: Steam Powered Woodworking Mill shortly after Smoke Stack was erected.  Located in Knutsford, PEI. Owner- William P. Meggison.
The structure was a house from Duvar and moved to be used as a mill.  The house was a 2-1/2 Storey, symmetrical Georgian Style house with six-over-six windows.
Note on Photo: Crew of men required to erect smoke stack at Woodworking Mill.
In the photo:  Rear L-R: Bill Berry, Pete Deroche, John Harris,George Meggison, Roy McDowell, Will Meggison (George's father). Front Seated L-R. Murray Sweet, ? , Guy Harris, George MacAulay.

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