Saturday, October 8, 2011

CIHB - Roach O'Brien, St. Lawrence

The Roach O'Brien homestead is located on the Centerline Road on the east end of St. Lawrence - behind the house was a saw mill operated by a few different people over the years including the Burkes. I knew Roach as an old man when he was a resident at Maplewood Manor in Alberton in the early 1980's and where I worked as a summer recreation student.

Below:  the north side of the house, facing Centerline Road.  There's no evidence of any buildings ever being on this site today.
Below:  the east side of the house - to the right is the Centerline Road going west.  Behind the house was the saw mill buildings and pond to the left.  Just up over the hill on the left is the Tom Cannon homestead mentioned earlier today in this blog.
Below: the west side of the house, looking up at the house from the mill.
The Cummin's 1928 PEI Atlas shows Roach O'Brien owning 200 acres of land at this location.

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  1. When we were children we would bike out the Tom Road and go fishing at the pond located here . It was a great fishing hole .