Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pleasant Valley Hollow

I came across this photo the other day.  It was taken in the late 1920's of Pleasant Valley Hollow looking west on Route 2 Highway.  In the photo from left-right:  Pleasant Valley Methodist Church; Methodist Manse; the Sharpe Farm; Pleasant Valley School; and behind the spruce tree across from the church is the horse shed belonging to the church.
The Sharpe House was built about 1860 ( on the top right of the photo ) by Robert and Jane (Jeffery) Sharpe.  Robert originally settled in Margate and following the death of his first wife he married Jane Jeffery of St. Eleanor's and moved to Pleasant Valley.  The origin of the community's name is unknown and Alan Rayburn has no reference for it in his book, "Geographical Place Names of P.E.I." other than its location from Charlottetown, however, at an auction sale on the property in the early 1980's a Bible belonging to the Sharpes was purchased by a relative and inside was written, "Pleasant Hill Farm".

Here are some recent photos of buildings found in the photo above.

Below:  Pleasant Valley United Church - formerly Pleasant Valley Methodist Church.  Built in the 1870's.  The church was moved to its present location, across the road and east up the hill in 1948 when the road was rebuilt - raised and widened.  When the amalgamation of the pastoral charges of Breadalbane and Cavendish took place in the late 1980's this church was closed to become the Pleasant Valley Memorial Church.  Special services are held here each summer along with the occasional funeral.
 Below:  The 1911 Sunday School Register from Pleasant Valley Methodist Church.
 Below:  The Sharpe House in March 1999.
Below: The Sharpe House being moved about 1-1/2 miles from Rte. 2 Hwy onto the Smith Farm on the Smith Road in November 1999.  At the time the owners had built a new bungalow right up beside the old house and were intending to tear the old house down if no one came forward to move it away.
 Below:  Sharpe House before and after.

Below: The family of Issac and Catherine (Nicholson) Sharpe.
 Above:  Isaac and Catherine Sharpe.
 Above: 2 of the 5 Sharpe sisters - Cassie and Mina.
Above: Isaac Sharpe standing on the sandstone doorstep - one hundred years later the doorstep is still at the Sharpe-Smith home.
 Above: Harold Sharpe.
Above: Cassie Sharpe with her dog.

Below: Irene Sharpe (wife of Harold) the last of the Sharpes to live in the house.  She died in 2011 at age of 105.

Below:  The Sharpe-Smith House today in it's new location completely restored.  See also:
Below: The Pleasant Valley School on the MacKinnon Property - it was pulled to the back of this property and used as a barn probably around the time of School Consolidation in the mid 1970's.   Over the years the building rotted into the ground and by the early 2000's it had collapsed.


  1. An excellent writeup. Maybe I missed it, but why were all of these buildings moved? Drainage issues? Highway widening?

  2. This house is special to me. I grew up on this farm and lived in that house until 1996 when my parents sold it. My parents told me that it was moved and redone. I miss the stove that was in it when we left. Looking forward to seeing it soon.

    Candace Zimmer