Friday, January 13, 2012

Small Barn at O'Leary Corner

I was up to O'Leary yesterday and while waiting for a client at O'Leary Corner public parking I took a closer look at this little barn which I previously dismissed as a more recently built structure, however, upon taking a closer look it's older than I originally thought.  The Shaws lived here where the O'Leary Road (the longest, straightest road on PEI) begins just off Hwy 2 (Western Rd).  To the left/west of the barns is St. Luke's Anglican Church.  When the intersection here was redesigned the house was demolished but the barn remain.  Below is the south/front facing side of the barn.
The barn features the typical arrangement of doors and windows on the main floor - the barn floor would be divided into section for the different animals, ie. cows, horses, calves.  Higher up on the south wall are three hatches to access the hay loft.  There's also high gable window to bring light in to the hay loft.
The barn roof is fairly steep with a 12/12 pitch.
Below: The front/south left door - this door was designed to be left open, inward, with a gate on the outside to allow the movement of air while keeping in untethered animals.
Below:  The cedar shingle roof is pealing away at the edges to reveal the roof boarding below.
 Below:  west/left side of barn.
Below:  The doors on the west/left side of the barn, which open out, have these iron hinges.
Below is St. Luke's Anglican Church, consecrated in October 1890.
 The barns are directly behind the church and hidden in this photo.

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