Monday, September 10, 2012

Reproduction Furniture

     My brother Kerras works as a folk artist in Lauretta on the Centerline Road (Rte. 151) in western Prince Edward Island - he also builds reproduction furniture from recycled materials, ie. old doors.  He has a new website -
Below are a few examples of his reproduction cabinetry.
 Below - his door collection - he usually has near 300 onhand.
Here's some of his folkart -
Below: When Pigs Fly.
Below: Folkart Fox in Kerras' real live chick coup.
Below: Canadian Ark
Below: Blue Heron at Northport Pier, Alberton Area, PEI

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  1. This is wonderful! I am on the Island for a month- I come every year. It is lovely to see the recycling going on. I will check out the website for sure and go from there. Thanks for sharing! Joni