Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Save Glenaladale Estate, 1883-1884


  1. I'd love to save it. Sadly I'm about 2.5 million short.

  2. this is truly insane, who owns the property?
    if it is family that's been honoured the property have these descendants no shame?
    how come the estate hasnt been declared a heritage site and the property taxes frozen or better yet declare the lands conditionally to the municipality to preserve and be accountable to a board or estate committee on which family and municpality holds seats?
    is p.e.i. so broke that this is now a cash cow for the seller (and a whopping commission for the realtor) which will only serve to up the taxes based on the sale price?

    i can see developers coming in to do 'their thing' in short order with condo or stata fees associated with 'units starting at 170,000'

    does the familiy have the estate structured to pass on without estate taxes? (rights of survivorship)?

    if the family desperately needs the dough, and (im sure a few new atv's and suv's are part of the equation)they can't manage it, then they should approach a property management firm, toronto has oodles of em, where there could be financing arranged and developing to suit appropriate dwellings could be proposed with proceeds to cover the costs and ten fold profit to establish an estate trust fund for the perpetuation of the said site and building.

    sounds like this is not time for the wonerful owners to 'cash out' and walk away from a unique opportunity.

    if the land is owned they need not sell, arrangements can be made proposals for a joint developments involving the city or better yet the province of p.e.i. to oversee and hold stake in the development and to promote scottish /p.e.i. heritage.

    im sure there are plenty of asian millionairs who would plunk down the asking price and turn it into a gawdy show of new wealth complete with mercedes benzes and bmw's lining the lot durring 'karaoke' nights

    hell of a shame
    toronto is full of developers looking for the next 'shangrela'