Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Canadian Potato Museum, O'Leary

     We recently took time to visit the newly renovated and revamped Canadian Potato Museum in O'Leary.
     Last winter a major reworking of the museum took place in the form of a large new gift shop and cafe/restaurant; the Community of O'Leary Museum; the Canadian Potato Museum and the new Antique Farm Equipment Museum.  Also on the museum grounds is a heritage walk to visit four local historic buildings - Alaska School; Telephone Office, Chapel, Log Barn.
     Be sure to take time to enjoy the food in the Cafe/Restaurant - they have potato soup, potato biscuits, baked potatoes, hand-cut french fries, potato fudge, etc., etc.
     Adjacent to the Museum is a Community Park with playground, a mini walking trail and picnic tables - easily you can spend the whole day in the area.
     Here's their new new brochure...
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  1. Almost every web-site link on the internet, for the Canadian Potato Museum - are broken links. Not very good advertising if it takes so long just to find some way I can let people know the sites are down and not actively allowing people to view them. Maybe somebody should take a look and figure out what the issues are. At least this site gives me some information. I'm a tour operator and wanting to bring a group to the museum but have been frustrated by my research attempts. Richard - AgriTours Canada Inc.