Friday, December 21, 2012

3 Ole King Square, Charlottetown

     I lived at 3 Ole King Square for 5 years in the late 1980's.   This old 3-storey, flat roof house was divided in to six apartments sometime in the mid-twentieth century.  My apartment was on main floor, on the corner of  Old King Square and Hillsborough Street.  
     I have never known, or could ever find out, who owned this large old house. 
     Here are a few photos of my photos of 3 Ole King Square taken in December 1988.  
Below: the front of 3 Ole King Square, facing south onto King Square Park.
 Below:  the Parlour had impressive woodwork, trim and panel windows.
 Below: The Parlour had a marble, coal-burning fireplace.
 Below:  The Kitchen cabinetry was built around the large cast iron sink
     According to the City of Charlottetown's website and their page about this house - it's listed as being built prior to 1878 as it appears in this 1878 Panoramic view below.  See:

Above:  Panoramic View of Charlottetown, 1878.

Above: 3 Ole King Squre is on the far left. cf. 1880 Meachams Atlas.

Here are a few other houses on Ole King Square.
19 Ole King Square
Above: 19 Ole King Square
21 Ole King Square
Above: 21 Ole King Square
27 Ole King Square
Above: 27 Ole King Square

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