Thursday, November 21, 2013

Chelton Saltbox House

     This is the last posting from my tour around the Chelton and Fernwood area.  
     This very old house at 48 McCardle Road caught my eye!  It would date to the mid 1800's - seemingly a saltbox style house with a center dormer on the east front.  The kitchen wing off the west would likely have been added later.  Not many saltbox houses remain on the Island - today a few remain can be found in Charlottetown's old downtown. 
     The three photos below were taken from the Campbell Road, the next road up, paralell to the McCardle Road.  
     Sorry, the photos are a bit blurry!   That's the Confederation Bridge in the background.
     The following four photos were taken from McCardle Road.  Also, there's an old barn/shed (possibly an old house from the size of the windows) to the rear of the property.
     This house is For Sale through Century 21.  The old house has had many "not so sympathetic" updates including new windows and vinyl siding.  
     The real estate listing describes the house as  “Spacious century old farm with a million dollar view...great multi-family home...”   It also notes the house having 5 bedrooms in 2,500 sq.ft. on a 1-acre lot.  
     Here’s the link to Century 21
     The following photos are from the real estate listing.
* * * * * * * * * * *
      The 1863 Lake Map (below cf. shows P. Callbeck at this location with Wm. Wright as a neighbour ( this is possibly P. Callbeck, president of Legislative Council in 1774, 1786, /  Philipps Callbeck, Attorney General 1770 cf. ).
 Below:  close-up look.
     According to Meachams 1880 Atlas of Prince Edward Island, this property belonged to Wm. Lowther with 39 acres and 23.5 acres across the road along with two other parcels of 25 and 78 acres, northward up the Chelton Road.  
     In Cumin’s 1928 Atlas of Prince Edward Island shows Fred Murphy owning this property.

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