Monday, June 13, 2011

Beechwood Gardens, Ferry Rd., Cornwall

I was visiting a friend this evening who showed me this postcard and book (1968) of the very popular gardens of Mrs. Gordon (Mabel) Macmillan.  She was well known for her gardens entertaining many visitors and dignitaries.  My friend has had her great-grandson helping-out with grounds work at their business - the lad brought in this historic information to show my friend.
 Mrs. Macmillan was born in Tryon, the daughter of John and Minnie Lea Howatt.

Above is a book Mrs. Macmillan had published telling of her garden, wherein she describes her garden each month, interweaving poetry throughout.  I tried to find the book on but it doesn't come up - a first as I can always find used books at ABE.

The 2010 Rural Beautification award - "Mrs. Gordon MacMillan Trophy: presented for the best flower garden" was won by Leigh & Phyllis Lewis of Cascumpec, O'Leary RR

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  1. HeHey........ She's My Great-Great-Grandma!!!!!!!!!!