Saturday, January 21, 2012

First Anniversary of this Blog

     It's been one year since I started this blog about Prince Edward Island Heritage Buildings and so far have more than 190 posts. 
     As I look back through the postings I realize many are of rural Island buildings.  This wasn't intentional but it's where I spend most of my time.  Its important to document these buildings as many rural communities (moreso in Prince & Kings counties) are emptying of their residents and the old buildings are being neglected.  Last winter saw many old farm barns blow over in wind storms and with new rules in some churches that a minister can't serve more than two churches, some are being sold or demolished.
     I grew up in Alma, a small rural farming community in western P.E.I.   On our road were eight family farms (dairy & potato) in a stretch of a mile and a half - today there are two farmers - one a dairy-potato operation and the other solely potato  It's a changing community with fewer farmers everywhere.  In the 1970s the community of Alma had a country store; a post office (in a home); a school; a Baptist Church; an Anglican Church; a little train station depot - today the only public building left is the Anglican Church, used seasonally.  What will the community look like in another generation?
     OK OK!!  It's time to be positive.  There are many, many successful restoration projects carried out throughout the Island all the time - such as the New London farmhouse...
     Our two Island cities have strong heritage boards and have well documented and protect their heritage buildings, however, you can never let your guard down.  Check out their websites:
     I plan to continue blogging about all Island architecture and in the year ahead hope to spend more time going through my collection of old photos and articles and scanning them for posting.
     Thanks to all who follow this blog and care deeply for the built heritage of Prince Edward Island.


  1. Say it ain't so! But unfortunately, it is and pretty much everywhere, it's the same sad story. I love old buildings and appreciate you taking the time to preserve their stories in your blog. Thank you!! And Happy Anniversary!!

  2. I was doing a search of Elmsdale West when I came upon the Blog...Great stuff Carter . I would like to find a way to get Elmsdale West back ! They may have taken the school...but did they have to take our name ??? It was funny seeing the O'Brien garage since we used to walk past it every school day for 5 years before they closed up the school and sent us all to Alberton .