Thursday, January 26, 2012

Summer Street, Summerside

     We were out to Beaconsfield again last Monday evening to the lecture series put on by the Institute of Architecture and Conservation at Beaconsfield Carriage House.  The guest speaker was Faye Pound, she gave an excellent presentation about Summer Street in Summerside.  She illustrated that when you learn the history behind the houses and buildings on that one street you learn about the development of the town/city through its history. 
     When the great fire of 1906 leveled near 150 buildings not only were new buildings constructed but other buildings were moved in from outside of town to fill in the empty spaces.  One such building was Fernwood  - moved to the corner of Church and Summer Streets by William Henry Pope from where the GST Tax Center stands today.
Image cf.
Heritage Walking Tour, Summerside, Prince Edward Island
( research & text by Faye Pound )
     One of Faye's favourite Summerside houses is the M.F. Schurman House at 156 Summer Street - it also has a great old garage behind it.
Image cf. Wyatt Heritage Properties: Walking Tour website:

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