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Jeremiah Dalton House, Burton

     When I saw this house in the book Architecture of Early Prince Edward Island Farmhouses, by Lucy Clayton I was amazed!  I have never seen a house like this in Western P.E.I. - the detailing is amazing!  I would estimate the house was built in the 1850's.
     The write-up about this house offers many fascinating topics to be explored -
     "A house at Burton, showing intricate detail in the carving.  The house at present is only a shell.  Jeremiah Dalton lived here, one of the most musical persons on the Island.  In days gone by there existed a small book store.  The old cupboards and some books are still there.  There is a pretty Palladian window in the front and upstairs the bannisters are double on either side."
    Further below I found these references from an online search of Dalton from Lot 7/Burton.  
    1863 Lake Map shows the following homesteads:  J. Dalton Sr.; P. Dalton; M. Dalton; John Dalton Jr.;  J. Dalton all located along the shore in Lot 7/Burton.   
     Meacham's 1880 Atlas of Prince Edward Island shows the following homesteads: Maurice Dalton 50 Ac; William Dalton 50 Ac; Peter Dalton 100 Ac; Michael Dalton 100 Ac + 130 Ac;  Mrs. Patrick Dalton 75 Ac; John Dalton 75 Ac.   The shore road passed through all these farms which border on the shoreline.  Peter Dalton had Bear Pond on his property which emptied to the Northumberland Strait where Theo. Wright had a Grist and Carding Mill.  In the Patron's Directory at the back of Meacham's Atlas it lists Michael Dalton as a Cabinet Maker and Farmer, date of settlement 1836, nativity PEI; and also William Dalton, Farmer, date of settlement 1852, nativity PEI.
     Cumin's 1928 Atlas of Prince Edward Island lists the following Daltons still on the farms noted above: Wilfred Dalton; Orville Dalton; Jerry Dalton; Ambrose Dalton; John Dalton Estate; and Joe Dalton. 
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     I am seeking info on Jeremiah Dalton and his brother Peter (or possibly Michael) Dalton. They came from Ireland to Lot 7 in Prince Edward Island, Canada in the early 1800's (possibly before 1821). Jeremiah was born about 1806, died 7 Nov 1875 and is buried in West Cape United Church Cemetery at Lot 7 in Prince Edward Island, Canada. He was a ship's carpenter and a farmer.
     Jeremiah married Catharina Cook. They had 8 children, Jeremiah, Michael, Mary Ann, Elizabeth, Margaret, Joseph, William and Maurice.
     I have all the descendant info on Jeremiah but I am looking to find some info from the roots in Ireland of these 2 brothers.
    Posted by Lloyd Dalton, September 24, 2007
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     The church of St. Bridget in Lot 11/Foxley River ) was commenced in 1868, previous to that period, the Catholic settlers heard Mass at Cascumpec . The church did not progress very rapidly, but on Christmas Eve 1870 it was so far advanced as to allow of midnight Mass being offered in it upon a temporary altar. It measures sixty feet in length by thirty in width, and twenty two feet, height of wall. The exterior was finished by Mr. Jeremiah Dalton , the interior, including the altar, which is a handsome one and richly gilt, was completed by the architect Mr. John McLellan . The church was painted by Mr. R. M. Gibson , and is very neat and pretty. The trustees of this church at the time of its erection were James Kilbride Esq. and the Hon. Joseph Murphy , the latter of whom is treasurer of the parish up to the present day. The first pastor of St. Bridget's mission was Rev. James Aeneas MacDonald.
Above cf.
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     The ancestors of the Dalton family, who settled in the Nail Pond area, were Patrick Dalton and his wife Margaret McCarthy. A Patrick and another Dalton named John had emigrated from the parish of Ballyheigue in County Kerry, Ireland, and settled at Lot 7, according to historian John Cousins. At Lot 7 they settled in 1829 near a cove which was called Dalton's Shore. Cousins mentions another Dalton named Jerimiah (sic) who settled there also and is listed as a ship's carpenter in the 1841 census. The first Lot 7 Irish settlers had embarked on the brig "Martin" in July 1820, leaving port in Southwest Ireland. Although Cousins does not specifically state that the Dalton's were aboard, it can be presumed in the context of his research that they were.
     According to L'Impartial of 1899 Patrick Dalton came from Lot 7 to Nail Pond in about 1829. It also states that he and his wife Margaret McCarthy had several children. They were: Patrick, John, Catherine, Margaret, Thomas, Michael, Hanora and Charles. The latter was the only one living in Tignish in 1899. He was to become Lieutenant-Governor of the Province in later life. He was born at Norway, Tignish June 9, 1850, became Lieutenant-Governor of Prince Edward Island November 29, 1930 and died in office in 1933. He is buried at the present Roman Catholic cemetery in Tignish.
     Patrick Dalton (Senior) was a farmer by occupation and owned 109 acres of land at Norway. The Norway Post Office was located in the Patrick Dalton homestead, based on the 1880 Meacham's Atlas. When Charles Dalton moved to Tignish in 1887 he sold the land to Thomas (Tommy) Keough. The land was then owned by his brother, Alonzo Keough, who in turn passed it on to his son Walcott. The latter's nephew John is the present owner. All the original Dalton buildings there have been destroyed and have gone into oblivion. Patrick Dalton and his wife both died at 84 years of age, the former in 1890 and the latter in 1885. Both are interred in the present Roman Catholic cemetery in Tignish. Cousins of Sir Charles Dalton were Russell and Clarence Dalton. Although both married and had children, they left us no male Dalton lineage living in our area at present.

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