Friday, March 29, 2013

Chapel Street, Tignish - 1911

     Here's a postcard of Chapel (Church) Street in Tignish - this comes from the McCord Museum website.
     Below is a close-up look at the Catholic Mutual Benevolent Association Hall (C.M.B.A) located on Chapel (Church) Street.  Built in 1900, it was destroyed by fire in 1952 along with the O'Brien-A'Hearn Hotel to the left.  This photo comes from the Prince Edward Island Public Archives and Records Office (PEIPARO) - an accession number was not provided. 
     The C.M.B.A. Hall has some interesting detailing from the store front styling on the main level with large windows and double doors complete with transoms; to the large central dormer with round top window and gingerbread trimming.  In the middle of the roof, being the focal point, is a tapered cupola topped with a railing and tall weather vane - there seems to be a clock on the front and round vents on the sides. 
     Below is a page from the book telling about the C.M.B.A. Hall, "Photo Historica" by Henry Gaudet.  Thanks for the info Reg!   Click on the image to enlarge.
   Below is another photo from McCord Museum's post card collection, this is St. Simon and St. Jude Roman Catholic Church 1906, also on Chapel Street.  The church was built in 1859.

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