Monday, June 27, 2011

Dunbar House/Store, Montrose, PEI

This old house will be torn down today.  It's located on the corner of the Centerline Rd. (Rte. 151) and Rte. 153 in Montrose.   When I was young the house was owned by George Dunbar.  Following WWII he operated a store from here in an addition to the rear - torn off years ago.  The house has been much modified over the years, especially in the windows.  The present owners offered to my brother Kerras of Backroad Folkart ( ) to come in and strip out architectural features before demolition.  He took out the complete stair banister ( I will get photo later), a few doors, door knobs, trim, etc.  he said there were alot of square nails in the house.
Meachams 1880 Atlas shows two building on this property and notes a store owned by Donald Montgomery.  On the 3/4-acre lot adjacent ( north/behind )  was a forge owned by Benjamin Bowness.
Above/Below: a door knob and plate from this house - Kerras was impressed with the detail and substance of the knob.

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