Sunday, December 2, 2012

Summers Street, Summerside

     Recently I was up to visit a client on Summer Street in Summerside, on that lovely fall day I decided to photograph the wonderful homes and buildings on the street for this blog.
1886 City Hall -,Street,Summerside
Holman Homestead & Gardens: Fox Museum -
1860 St. Mary's Anglican Church -!history-of-our-churches,Street,Summerside
1907 Hinton House -
1896 Sharp House -

1898 Dr. James MacLellan House -,Street,Summerside
Designed by well-known PEI Architect Wm. C. Harris
 Below: Rear view of above 2 houses - note City Hall in the Distance.
     Below: Former family home of P.E.I. Premier & Canadian Senator Thane Campbell.  Thane Campbell's son Alex became Premier of PEI in the mid 1960's and later Court Justice; also another on, Mel Campbell, was Mayor of Summerside in the 1980s.
1891 Fanning House -
 1910 Tanton House -,Summer,Street%20(4)

 St. Mary's Convent (Catholic) Corner of Summer & Convent Streets.
Interesting, "funky" (as they'd say in the 1960's) design - entry like a nun's hat.
 Parkside Elementary School -,Street,Summerside

 Former home of well-known Summerside and PEI Historian Faye Pound
Note the detail on the window under the verandah.
 1876 Thomas Crabbe House -,Street,Summerside

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