Friday, August 17, 2012

Robertson-Ferguson House, Bonshaw

     The following is the Robertson-Ferguson house - these photos were also taken the day I photographed the two Bonshaw churches.  This house is located on the TransCanada Highway in Bonshaw, west of the former Bonshaw Presbyterian-United Church.  The front of the house faces south towards Rte. 1
    The following information about the church comes from the book, BONSHAW: A Stroll Through the Past, by Wm M. Glen CG(C) and Elizabeth A. Glen (C) 1993.  Page 89.

     "Jimmie Robertson's house was completed in March 1900 - now (1986) occupied by Blois Ferguson."
The barn is are located to the east of the property.
     Below:  On the north side of the church is this driveway which takes you up behind the barn and into the homestead yard.
Below: east side of barn, towards the United Church.

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